Sons of Aeon

Building a Space Marine Chapter for Beginners

Building the Veteran 1st Company (Infernus)


So every great army has to start somewhere, and i can think of no better place to start than designing and building the Sons of Aeon 1st Company – Infernus.

The Infernus company is the spear head for a Sons of Aeon invasion force, providing the ‘Shock and Awe’ that will typically break an enemies spirit before the main battle companies join the fray. Often the very sight of Infernus company deepstriking into the heart of the enemy is enough to secure a surrender, and if that’s not enough then Infernus unleashes hell.

All the members of Infernus are veterans clad in terminator armour, and are structured into smaller 5 man squads that are highly competitive with each other.

Infernus Company looks a bit like this.

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Who Goes There!?!? – Naming Individual Space Marine Characters



While pulling together the unit lists for each of the SoE companies i got to thinking about naming some of the characters involved. I figure its another step towards bringing the back-story to life and opens up a lot of scope for some deeper background or short stories.


A great tool for coming up with names for induvidual space marines resides here: 


Space Marine Name Generator (For Characters)

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the leaders of the Sons of Aeon :o )

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Designing the Chapter Company Structure



While I’m waiting to try out the new paint scheme, I have been playing around with the Chapter Structure. There is a pretty clear organisation chart for Chapter structures in the Space Marine codex (4th or 5th Edition); and I don’t intend to stray too dramatically from that. However, the Sons of Aeon have a particular role to play and are a relatively small chapter so this will be reflected in the structure they adopt.

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Choosing a Chapter Paint Scheme



Choosing a paint scheme for your Space Marine Army is never easy, but thankfully there are a couple of tools out there that can at least help a bit. One that’s well worth checking out is the Space Marine Painter at Bolter and Chainsword.

After spending some time today thinking about a paint scheme i noted down some ideas that would possibly fit with my back-story and be easy to paint.

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Outlining the Chapter Backstory (fluff)


In this riff I’m going to outline the basic elements of the back-story for the Sons of Aeon. Specifically I hope to cover the following points from the ‘Setting Some Objectives‘ list:

1 ) Flexibility to use any Space Marine Codex (or at least more than one)
5 ) Where are they from where do they reside
6 ) A grander purpose
7 ) Relationship to their Chapters, Navy, Guard and Inquisition
8 ) General approach to warfare
10 ) Some little details that might make a difference
12 ) Chapter Name

I’m sure I’ll cover each of these points again in more detail as I go along but I would like to have a good outline as a starting point.

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Creating your own Space Marine Chapter


Hello World!

What follows is my journal about creating my own Space Marine Chapter :)

But first a little bit of background…

I am a novice player, painter, modeller – pretty much novice everything. Although I have been aware of Warhammer 40k and Games Workshop for a long time (Like 20 years!!!!) I have never got into the hobby. My experience only went as far as a couple of copies of HeroQuest! (Ok I have a bit more experience than that but after any sizeable break from a hobby I think it’s ok to feel rusty!)

Last year though I decided to give it a try, I was tired of video games and wanted a hobby that would be more rewarding than 10 or 20 hours in front of the screen; I thought it was about time to have a go at Warhammer 40K – I’m glad I did.

In the last couple of months I started to learn the basics of the 5th edition rulebook, and pulled together a Tyranid Army that I have enjoyed modeling, painting and playing. Ok it’s not amazingly painted, but it looks pretty good on the table top.


This year I wanted to set myself a new challenge. I’m going to create and build my own chapter of space marines, complete with a back-story and characters and maybe even some stories etc (and I’m going to blog about it here, for anyone that might be remotely interested).

Why Space Marines?

There is no getting away from the fact that Space Marines are cool ;) – they have cool kit and a really rich back-story that makes them an ideal challenge for someone new to the hobby. They have a nice balance of coolness and simplicity (to paint etc) and I feel the other armies are either too difficult for me to get into at the moment (i.e. Demons) or a bit too difficult to be really creative with (i.e. Necrons). So Space Marines it is! Read the rest of this entry »

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