Sons of Aeon

Building a Space Marine Chapter for Beginners

Outlining the Chapter Backstory (fluff)


In this riff I’m going to outline the basic elements of the back-story for the Sons of Aeon. Specifically I hope to cover the following points from the ‘Setting Some Objectives‘ list:

1 ) Flexibility to use any Space Marine Codex (or at least more than one)
5 ) Where are they from where do they reside
6 ) A grander purpose
7 ) Relationship to their Chapters, Navy, Guard and Inquisition
8 ) General approach to warfare
10 ) Some little details that might make a difference
12 ) Chapter Name

I’m sure I’ll cover each of these points again in more detail as I go along but I would like to have a good outline as a starting point.

The Sons of Aeon

Some time after the Horus Heresy (Exact Time either undecided or Unknown) the Imperium of Man established a new chapter of Space Marines, who they would entrust with the eternal task of seeking out new corners of the galaxy for conquest. The Adeptus Carta-graphia, as they were officially titled would map the farthest reaches of the unknown.

After the Horus Heresy, no chapter would again have access to the huge battleships of the Imperial Navy, to ensure that no single chapter could ever pose a threat to the Imperium, the only exception was the Adeptus Carta-graphia, who had a mighty capital class star-ship (and its support fleet) bestowed upon them to serve as their home world (fortress monastery). This colossal ship was called AEON.

The Sons of Aeon as they would become known have served the Emporer without question, in their search for new world that would become part of the imperium. As one of the smallest chapters of the Space Marines, they continue to grow in strength surprisingly quickly, and are renowned as fierce and technically advanced warriors, whose numbers swell through their recruitment of the best warriors from discovered worlds.

While spearheading the growth of the imperium, the Sons of Aeon will often hold a system or territory until the Imperial Navy or Guard arrive to secure its allegiance (sometimes peacefully, more often by force).

Answering directly to the Emperor (or to the elders of the Adeptus Custodes) and operating so far from Imperial Territories they have raised the suspicions of the Inquisition.

The Fleet

The AEON is supported by a number of ships that aid in the conquest of new worlds. The Aeon Fleet consists of the following ships:

The AEON (Capital Class Starship)

The Salve (Hospital/Medical/Apothecary Ship)

The Exalted (Factory Ship, Adeptus Mechanicus)

The Ida (Mining/Materials Processing Ship)

The Fallen Wave (Brig/POW Ship)

The Devastation (Battleship)

The Bedlam (Battleship)

The Annihilator (Battleship – Lost in the Warp)

The Allegiance (A Ceremonial Drop Ship for Social and Political Occasions (Very Ornate))

The Seeker (Scout Ship – With Cloak Technology)

The Ornate Sword (Chapter Master (And Honour Guard) Assault Drop Ship)

10 Thunderhawk Gunships

**Here is a handy tool for coming up with Ship names


The Sons of Aeon are a very technology driven chapter (as you would expect for a chapter that live on a battleship), their factory ship (The Exalted) is both efficient and inventive in its development of new weapons of war.

Minor Details

They have amassed a huge inventory (library) of star charts and planet scans

They have a number of superstitions and rituals

They have developed a method for extracting raw materials from nebula clouds (using the Ida) giving them almost unlimited supplies of (Insert material here).

So there we have the first basic outline of the Sons of Aeon back-story.

Coming Next (Designing a Paint Scheme)

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4 Comments to

“Outlining the Chapter Backstory (fluff)”

  1. On March 8th, 2009 at 7:22 pm Captain Maleus Says:

    Is the whole chapter with this fleet? My Space Marine chapter as well got a fleet instead of an home planet or monastery fortress, but each company got an own strike cruiser for transportation and deployment.
    I’ve got my inspiration from Battlefleet Gothic, rules for the Space Marine and Imperial fleets can be found right here:

  2. On March 8th, 2009 at 10:23 pm Warzan Says:

    Yup the whole chapter is charged with the sole purpose of bringing new systems under the control of the imperium.

    As you can see i haven’t fleshed out exactly how the fleet operates or its size.

    But the link you have sent me is fantastic, thanks very much!

    As always i appreciate you stopping by :o )

  3. On November 15th, 2009 at 8:10 am the dude. Says:

    i think its great u customized a chapter, ive done the same. But there isnt an imperial navy, space marines werent allowed there ships because they dont exist. they werent allowed to govern entire legions. thats why there split into chapters, any space marine more than 1000 warriors is a renegade force, i think its great the way you customized it but you cant change the base story. other then that great idea!. i love that u are capturing planets, it makes me want to listen to there adventures love the fleet details also with there tactics and weaponry makes me want to be in that chapter. lol good job

  4. On November 16th, 2009 at 8:56 am Warzan Says:

    Hey Dude

    Thanks for stopping by :o )

    Have a look at page 20 of this:

    I have been quiet on here for a good while as i decided to go back and re read the the event’s of the Horus Heresy and research up a little more on Gullimans approach for the Astartes.

    I have two main objectives in mind when building this chapter:

    1) I want them to have a rich back story that threads through the main story but doesn’t interfere with it, yes they may seem a little unorthodox but they are one chapter and are not going the change the future (much lol) so i have outfitted them to be very very independent (with their own battle ships and a forge ship) so they are almost a force upon themselves. Recently I have even started to add an attached Imperial Guard Battalion that are a support force for the Sons of Aeon. I will be writing about all of this soon :o )

    So they are on the outer limits of what’s comfortable for the imperium, and they don’t necessarily follow gullimans doctrine (neither do the dark angels or black templars or space wolves for that matter!)

    2) The reason I’m vague about the source of the geneseed was to give me the flexibility to play using any codex. If I’m gonna go the the hassle and expense of building this army i would like to have it as flexible as possible :o )

    Anyway i will be tightening up the back story very soon, but most of it will be little details as I don’t think i have broken the Imperium too much with what i have :o )

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