Sons of Aeon

Building a Space Marine Chapter for Beginners

Designing the Chapter Company Structure



While I’m waiting to try out the new paint scheme, I have been playing around with the Chapter Structure. There is a pretty clear organisation chart for Chapter structures in the Space Marine codex (4th or 5th Edition); and I don’t intend to stray too dramatically from that. However, the Sons of Aeon have a particular role to play and are a relatively small chapter so this will be reflected in the structure they adopt.

A typical Chapter has the following basic structure:


Typical Space Marines Chapter Org Chart

So my first task is to decide the basic make up of the Sons of Aeon org chart (I will then list their units in a separate post). As they are invasion specialists i would like to give each of the first five companies a form of specialisation (and detail the codex that applies to them). So far its looking like this:



Marneus Calgar Type Character

3 Honour Guard Squads

1st Company

Terminator Deep Strike Company (Using Deathwing Rules – Belial type Character)

2nd Company

Drop Pod Assault Battle Company (Troop Heavy)

3rd Company

Mechanised Company (Needs researched on how to achieve this)

4th Company

Fast Attack Company (All Bikers and Speeders – Kor’Sarro Khan type Character)

5th Company (The Lost Company)

Original Company Lost in the Warp onboard the battleship Annihilator (A new company is forming that is more general Purpose)

6th,7th,8th,9th Companies

Reserves (We can Give them more Detail Later)

10th Company

Scouts and Intelligence


Now that we have a basic structure to follow, in the next (or later) post im going to describe the contents of each Company, and the key characters of the Sons of Aeon.

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