Sons of Aeon

Building a Space Marine Chapter for Beginners

Building the Veteran 1st Company (Infernus)


So every great army has to start somewhere, and i can think of no better place to start than designing and building the Sons of Aeon 1st Company – Infernus.

The Infernus company is the spear head for a Sons of Aeon invasion force, providing the ‘Shock and Awe’ that will typically break an enemies spirit before the main battle companies join the fray. Often the very sight of Infernus company deepstriking into the heart of the enemy is enough to secure a surrender, and if that’s not enough then Infernus unleashes hell.

All the members of Infernus are veterans clad in terminator armour, and are structured into smaller 5 man squads that are highly competitive with each other.

Infernus Company looks a bit like this.

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