Sons of Aeon

Building a Space Marine Chapter for Beginners

Who Goes There!?!? – Naming Individual Space Marine Characters



While pulling together the unit lists for each of the SoE companies i got to thinking about naming some of the characters involved. I figure its another step towards bringing the back-story to life and opens up a lot of scope for some deeper background or short stories.


A great tool for coming up with names for induvidual space marines resides here: 


Space Marine Name Generator (For Characters)

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the leaders of the Sons of Aeon :o )

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Designing the Chapter Company Structure



While I’m waiting to try out the new paint scheme, I have been playing around with the Chapter Structure. There is a pretty clear organisation chart for Chapter structures in the Space Marine codex (4th or 5th Edition); and I don’t intend to stray too dramatically from that. However, the Sons of Aeon have a particular role to play and are a relatively small chapter so this will be reflected in the structure they adopt.

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Outlining the Chapter Backstory (fluff)


In this riff I’m going to outline the basic elements of the back-story for the Sons of Aeon. Specifically I hope to cover the following points from the ‘Setting Some Objectives‘ list:

1 ) Flexibility to use any Space Marine Codex (or at least more than one)
5 ) Where are they from where do they reside
6 ) A grander purpose
7 ) Relationship to their Chapters, Navy, Guard and Inquisition
8 ) General approach to warfare
10 ) Some little details that might make a difference
12 ) Chapter Name

I’m sure I’ll cover each of these points again in more detail as I go along but I would like to have a good outline as a starting point.

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